She is having a connection having Brittany S


She is having a connection having Brittany S

Santana Diabla Lopez is an absolute-blood witch. She began planning to Hogwarts School out-of Witchcraft and you can Wizardry inside 1990 and are sorted to your Slytherin Household.

Penetrate. She’s already been this new Beater of the Slytherin Quidditch group as the girl third seasons. She is actually a member of The new Recommendations and you may Hudbar’s Army.

Hogwarts ages (1990-current)

Santana try arranged towards the Slytherin through the the lady first 12 months during the Hogwarts. She’s were able to complete the very first four years with very little events. She come relationships Brittany S. Penetrate in her fourth-year.

Identification and you will qualities

Santana, such as for instance Quinn, could have been mostly been shown to be one thing of a great cheerleading label. Quick to take and pass view, and you can insult and even bully anybody else. She views this lady bitchy choices just like the sincerity. Santana seems to find not a problem flaunting the woman i’m all over this brand new societal steps which is High school l or perhaps to become promiscuous to remain on top.  At the beginning of show, she acts more like a good sidekick so you’re able to Quinn, following the the lady orders and usually permitting the lady do-all the brand new speaking. So it transform whenever Quinn try kicked from the Cheerios from the Sue because of being pregnant, hence and then make Santana the head supporter.

Santana including demonstrates unexpected signs of kindness, always towards the Delight Pub immediately after good show or in her relationships with Brittany. Deep off Santana are smaller concieted than simply she appears to be. She’s acknowledge you to she likes being in Delight Club, and that it is the better section of this lady date. She pursue up so it confession that have instructions that if individuals asks, he or she is to state that she dislikes it, demonstrating one she cares a lot from the her photo. Santana is currently a much better individual as a result of Joy, she actively acknowledges so you’re able to loathing individuals regarding club before joining, but now feedback them once the this lady means, closest family unit members, as well as takes into account them the lady family relations (exactly who she actually is extremely defensive out of). Today she actually is a great deal more caring and you will caring towards the other people, such as, calming Rachel, the girl former challenger when Rachel had their pregnancy frighten. Nevertheless, she will be seen since a keen antagonist because of the lady imply move that’s mainly presented regarding the tell you.

She’s really psychological within peak times to own ridiculous grounds (shedding sunbathing privileges otherwise missing the brand new Breadstix seats), and is will comfortable by Brittany. Santana will get envious successfully, particularly when it issues this lady intimate people. She’s got presented aggression towards Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Lauren, Artie, Rory and Sam when they’re found to be inside the good reference to Puck or Brittany. It is very possible that she does this since she’s just lonely, that is the reason she would like to show off her image and you may reputation.

Santana is additionally considered to be pushy and persuasive. For example, when Brittany picked Artie more than their she lied to Brittany from the cheat very she and you may Brittany you’ll still intimate. Santana attempts to score exactly what she desires through scheming, usually to make arrangements er hat einen guten Punkt who would has contributes to this lady choose, but most times it backfires. For example, Within the Created Like that, she made a plan to have more votes having Prom King complete with: Using Karofsky’s sexually so you’re able to blackmail your to help you are her ‘Beard’ and to quit getting a great bully very she may get Kurt in order to register get in McKinley. not, Kurt wound up winning this new crown.

Santana is deemed more perceptive character with the inform you. the woman is usually mastering anybody else treasures by simply watching. For example, when she realized Quinn is actually cheating into the Sam having Finn by noticing the changes, quick changes in Quinn and you will Finn’s conclusion. She uses that it capacity to the girl virtue. With respect to friendships and you can intimate matchmaking she takes him or her most seriously. Whenever anyone attempts to hurt those individuals she cares having she will get really defensive, advice including dealing with Sebastian in addition to Warblers, alone, as he slushied Blaine resulting in Blaine with attention operations.


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